Stockwell Green Community Services (SGCS) is a community-based voluntary organisation rendering its services since 1999 to the disadvantaged and socially excluded members of the community with multi - ethnic background. Our expertise is in understanding the needs faced by communities, and then designing innovative programmes in partnership with local authorities and local stakeholders to address these issues. Our focus is in employability enhancement, social housing, local regeneration and education.

We are well known for the proprietary models we have designed to address the root causes of some of the biggest challenges faced by local communities in London, the Midlands and Yorkshire. In counter radicalisation, these are the Community Ownership Model and Triangular Model of Engagement and Containment which are the fundamental basis of all the work that SGCS conducts.

SGCS started as a small organisation in Stockwell, London Borough of Lambeth, but has grown into a large organisation, working across the country offering a range of community services. SGCS is a lead partner with Ash-Shahada Housing Association (a local Registered Social Landlord) and has played a pivotal role in it’s success and expansion over the years. SGCS has also been funded by numerous statutory bodies (Home Office, Met Police, European Union, local councils etc) to deliver a variety of community projects aimed at tackling homelessness, unemployment and crime. In housing, we have created a proprietary Supported Accommodation Model and Supported Living Property Model, which meet the needs of vulnerable people suffering from mental health, homelessness, domestic violence and other vulnerable groups. Click here to find out more about our housing models. We have made “sustainable development” a key to our management ethos so that it becomes part and parcel of societal growth.

SGCS was the first organisation to design an EU-funded project called SEED (Support for Employability Enhancement and Development [2004-2008]), where SGCS was able to help many people into housing and employment in the recession time. It was later described by the Office of Deputy Prime Minister as “an innovative and significantly overachieved” project. It has also been independently evaluated by Middlesex University, UK.

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Stockwell Green Community Services

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