Stockwell Green Community Services (SGCS) is a community-based voluntary organisation rendering its services since 1999 to the disadvantaged and socially excluded members of the community with multi - ethnic background. Our expertise is in understanding the needs faced by communities, and then designing innovative recreational, educational, employability enhancement programmes to address these issues, which includes empowering the community in becoming a major part of the solution.

We are well known for the unique models we have designed to address problems faced by the community. These are the Community Ownership Model and Triangular Model of Engagement and Containment, which were created in 1999 well before the world was hit by problems such as radicalisation and extremism, and continues to be faced with unemployment and low educational attainment levels.

SGCS started as a small organisation in Stockwell, London Borough of Lambeth, but has grown into a large organisation, working across London and supporting counterparts in three European countries, Spain, Germany, and Holland. Domestically, SGCS has been approached and commissioned by the Home Office to replicate their models and projects across London and South Yorkshire. It has extended its support in building capacity of statutory bodies through intensive training programmes and one-to-one mentoring.

SGCS was the first organisation to design an EU-funded project called SEED (Support for Employability Enhancement and Development – 2004-2008), that jointly addressed radicalisation and unemployment. It was later described by the Office of Deputy Prime Minister as ‘an innovative and significantly overachieved’ project. It has also been independently evaluated by Middlesex University, UK.

SGCS has been holding a series of national and international conference since 1999 on topical issues to share best practices including, ‘The Role of Mosques in the Development of Local Community (2000), ‘The Role of Religions in Diminishing Terrorism (2002), ‘Solidarity Conference’ (2005), ‘Dialogue Among Civilisations’ (2006), ‘The Role of Education in Addressing Extremism (2010) held in Pakistan.

SGCS has created by holding various seminars, workshops and conferences in the UK and abroad, thus establishing very strong community cohesion. SGCS has also created a greater understanding and sense of tolerance between various faith and non-faith communities

SGCS designed and executed the first counter radicalisation project in Europe, SEED (Support for Employability Enhancement and Development), from 2004 to 2008, in partnership with Metropolitan Police, Lambeth Council, Ash Housing Association, etc. A unique aspect of the work of SGCS is employability enhancement, through providing a range of accredited training programmes through LCBMIT (see below), where SGCS has been able to help many people into employment in the recession time.

Having developed expertise in education and employability enhancement, SGCS transformed one project into a separate enterprise called London College of Business Management and Information Technology (LCBMIT), that operates on a social welfare ethos to provide affordable education to students from all backgrounds, but in particular those students from low income and disadvantaged backgrounds in UK and countries around the world as defined by the World Bank. LCBMIT provide extraordinary financial support to our students, where to date we have extended over 500 scholarships. LCBMIT retain their community ethos inherited through SGCS, and work with local community organisations, universities and governments on a national and international level.

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