SGCS Model of Engagement:

Stage 1 – Identify the Problem Faced by Communities

A problem or issue facing the community (such as homelessness, unemployment, drug and alcohol abuse etc) must first be identified. This is done through a needs analysis and a range of seminars and consultations held with local communities, statutory bodies and local stakeholders. SGCS’s outreach workers also play a huge part, by actively engaging with the target participants such as homeless people or rough sleepers. The feedback from the outreach workers contributes towards the design of new programmes and solutions. The aim is to obtain a detailed understanding of the root causes of the problem(s) afflicting the local community.

Stage 2 – Taking Ownership of the Problem

SGCS has been advocating since 1999, with great success, that systemic problems faced by local communities can only be addressed with joint collaboration and effort with three key stakeholders recognising that they all have a crucial part to play. These are: 1) Local community; 2) Local authorities/Public Sector; 3) Private Sector.

SGCS works closely with these stakeholders to pro-actively tackle local community issues as oppose to re-active problem solving. This style of engagement encourages ownership and helps to solve systemic local community issues before they occur. This helps to empower communities by giving communities more responsibility and control in developing community projects and initiatives.

Stage 3 – Devising Solutions

The 3 stakeholders must work together to devise solutions, building on each other’s areas of expertise, credibility, and influence. These solutions could either address the problems directly or indirectly, through various social housing, employment, training and capacity building projects. The target groups and aims of the solutions/programmes must be carefully identified. SGCS plays an important role in bringing together and co-ordinating these activities to produce collaborative relationships aimed at creating working solutions which tackle the root causes of the challenges faced by these communities. SGCS has designed and successfully executed a range of programmes since 1999.

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