SGCS has designed and successfully executed a range of programmes since 1999. Please see a description of them below.


Since late 2017 SGCS has worked closely as lead partner with Ash-Shahada Housing Association to create proprietary lease based, supported accommodation and supported living models, aimed at tackling the root causes of homelessness in London and the Midlands. SGCS has done this by bringing together key players in the public and private sectors by utilising private housing stock for social housing purposes. Through these private and public sector partnerships and joint ventures, SGCS acts as a critical social partner for private landlords and investors wanting to let and invest in the social housing sector and make a positive social impact. Our unique and innovative approach to social asset management, has allowed us to implement an integrated solution that delivers this vision.

SGCS in partnership with Ash-Shahada Housing Association and other private sector partners has structured and delivered around 1,400 units (bed spaces) of supported accommodation in Birmingham, used to house vulnerable homeless single individuals. This number is currently increasing by around 140 units every month and is delivering substantial, sustainable and measurable social impact by reducing homelessness and regenerating local communities.

Due to the significant success of our proprietary supported accommodation lease model We are now planning phase 2 of our social housing strategy which will increase the supported housing portfolio to around 5,000 units by the end of 2025. We plan to do this by transitioning into a fully integrated social asset manager. As a result, we hope to:

    1- Increase conversation of private rented properties for social housing purposes through public and private lease-based partnerships and joint ventures.

     2- Increase social affordable housing stock by increasing private sector investment in social housing.

    3- Deliver social housing to vulnerable people rapidly and efficiently whilst delivering quality housing aimed at tackling the root causes of homelessness.

Community Development:

1- HELP (Holidays and Educational Learning Programme)
This project was funded in part by BBC Children In Need, and was designed to support disadvantaged SATS and GCSE students gain better grades in their exams. We were fortunate to gain the commitment of teachers from local primary and secondary schools. Students benefited from this programme a great deal, and a large majority of students improved by a grade i-e from C to B grade at GCSE level.
2- SPARC (Sports Project to Aid the Reduction of Crime)
3- GRACE (Gun Reduction)
4- SEED (Support for Employability Enhancement and Development)
5- PROSEED (providing Real Opportunities for the Support for
6- RIRP (Reducing Influences that Radicalise Prisoners)
7- PALM (Preventative and Lasting Measures)

8- TRIM (Transforming Radicals into Models)


9- LCBMIT (London College of Business Management and Information Technology, changed to SOEL)
LCBMIT builds on the expertise that SGCS has developed in enhancing the skills and employability of the disadvantaged community, through a range of personal development session, and accredited vocational courses.
However, LCBMIT also provides affordable education to disadvantaged communities from low income countries around the world, as defined by the World Bank such as Nepal, Pakistan, India, Philippines, and others. LCBMIT also gives us sustainability, to ensure that we continue to support communities. LCBMIT has a separate structure, and you can learn more about LCBMIT website here.

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